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Monday, July 11, 2005

And the money keeps going and going...

I moved back home with my parents with the intention of saving money and that has happened to some extent. You would think that I would have a ton of $$ saved, but it seems to keep going and going. Moving to CA is exciting, but the flight tickets alone are enough to make someone rethink their decision (ok not really). I just booked my one-way ticket to school, as well as a round trip for my sister's wedding in September. Those two alone added up to about $400. For Fall quarter alone I will probably spend another $400-600 on flights (Vegas FOAM, NBMBA conference, home for Thanksgiving.

Outdoor Adventures
Also, like many schools, Stanford has trips before school starts called Outdoor Adventures. They are only 2-3 days and take place in the local northern California area. Being the eager beaver that I am, I registered on the first day for the White Water Rafting trip. That cost another $300+, including Pre-Term registration and events. I can't wait to go rafting, I just hope that I'm not the one who falls overboard.

And more $$$...
I ordered my Financial Accounting book off of Amazon, which we have to read the first four chapters of before class. It was regularly price was $130, but I got it for $68. I guess I'll be ordering all my books off the internet.

I also scheduled all of my doctor's appointments so that I'm all covered in case the health care plan at school is shady. I ordered new contact lenses, glasses, and prescription sunglasses (a first). When you realize you will be broke with no income, you start thinking about every and anything you might need. I'm also hitting up the summer sales stocking up on casual clothes, shoes and other neccesities. I can't lie, I've gotten used to living a comfortable lifestyle and I refuse to be a broke college student again. I need to be able to buy an occasional bottle of Riesling, and go to nice dinners, and travel and get my hair done, etc. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My sister's bridal shower

My sister is getting married in September and this Saturday my Mom and I hosted her bridal shower. The shower was really nice and we had about 50 people attend. The shower was pretty traditional and included games, dinner and the gift opening. We then topped the evening off with a surprise for my sister and her fiance. We rented a stretch Hummer for the future bride and groom and the bridal party. Everyone had a really good time and my sister received a ton of nice gifts.

The beautiful cake in the shape of a gift! Posted by Picasa

The Hummer arrives Posted by Picasa

Us acting a fool in the Hummer Posted by Picasa