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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Stanford Interview

I was invited to interview with a Stanford alumni which I completed yesterday evening. We met at his house, which I had some reservations about, but was not about to say no. So I did what any normal person would do...I gave my friend the address and phone number and told her to call the police if I hadn't called her my 9:00pm. LOL. Needless to say none of that was necessary.

My interviewer was beyond nice and we have a great conversation (not interview). He asked me the necessary questions and then he opened the floor for me to ask questions about anything that was on my mind. I could have talked to him for hours, but he had to keep the interview to 45 minutes to be fair. He did give me some positive feedback by saying that he thought I would be a great fit for Stanford. Let's just hope that the Admissions Office agrees. That was my last interview and last step in this entire process. I am feeling relieved that my part is over and that it ended on such a positive note. Although, I'm not getting my hopes up about Stanford. It's such a long shot that I am already mentally preparing for a ding. This way I won't be dissapointed if I don't get in.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Wharton Interview

I conducted my Wharton interview yesterday with an alumni. We met at Starbuck's which was a quaint and quiet. The interview started off with the usual resume walk-through, why mba, why wharton. So I'm thinking its going well and rattling off my prepared answers. My interviewer then completely shifted gears and started asking off the wall questions like "Give me your assessment of Wal-mart." I know that I have a retail consulting background, but damn I usually have data before I analyze a company. I understand that he was trying to get at my problem solving/critical thinking skills, but I was a bit annoyed by that.

That interview confirmed my first instinct about Wharton as too quantitatively-focus and that I would not be a good fit their. I should have known better when I went to the information session. The admissions officer was great about discussing how well-rounded the school is, but all of the alumni showed up in business suits and were all in banking and finance.

I think at this point I know that Wharton is not the place for me, but we'll see what happens.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Kellogg Interview

I had my Kellogg interview with an alumni in the Cleveland area. We met at Panera Bread, which was a bit noisy. Overall, I enjoyed the interview and think it went well. My interviewer asked me questions about my resume and then began to probe about why Kellogg and what my career goals were. When I brought up my interests in charter schools, he asked very specific questions which I realized were to see how much research I had done and that this was not just some grand ideal that I had. I walked away with the same perspective of Kellogg as I'd had before...a great school that would be the a great fit for me.

I also received an invitation to interview with Wharton. This is good news because no interview means no acceptance.