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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

My late post about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina speaks to the somewhat sheltered life I am living in school. I've been pretty busy and just recently had my cable installed, therefore I had not watched TV until a few days ago. I knew about the hurricane, but had no idea of the aftermath. It blew me away when I saw pictures of New Orleans. And I am more dissapointed at the slow response by the government. The devastation from this hurricane is worse than that of any other hurricane in the past few years, but it seems like nothing is being none. If this were Florida, assistance and resources would have been deployed immediately. I guess it helps to have family in high places.

It hurts my heart to see how this situation is getting progressively worse. The pictures look like they are from a third world country, not the richest country in the world. I wonder if the lack of action is a result of us being unequipped to handle such emergencies or that the government does not care. If it's the former, then how will the government respond to future terrorist attacks?

Although I have not been directly been impacted, I pray for those that have. This situation only makes me even more appreciative of the opportunity I have here at school.


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