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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Grind Begins...

This quick post is the result of the start of the craziness that we call business school. I can see already that I will be sacrificing my much needed 8 hours of sleep in order to stay afloat socially and academically. So here's the quick and dirty from the last few days.

Thursday and Friday was Cardinal Cards, a business simulation that placed the students in the various roles in a fictitious Greeting Cards company. I have to admit that going into it I was not thrilled. I couldn't imagine what we could be doing for two days from 7 am to 6 pm that would keep my interest, but I must admit that I really enjoyed myself and got to know my team really well.

Yesterday was somewhat of a free day, so I decided to decorate my room in Schwab. I spent most of the day at IKEA. I thought I loved that store until I was introduced to there return line (picture this: Everyone must take a number to be waited on. I pulled 83. They are currently on 17). Needless to say I was pissed and had to return to the store this morning.

Today we had our Section Olympics which was fun and entertaining. My section came in second to last place. I guess we have to make up for that in the classroom. Now I'm online ordering books for Autumn Quarter(which are way too expensive), preparing a case for Pre-Term and working on my resume to meet a deadline for the NBMBAA Conference next month. In addition, I have to wash clothes and pack for my trip on Wednesday. Shout out to my sister who will be a married in less than a week.

I'm off to finish preparing my case and meet up with the girls from QPEP for dinner and tv.

Next up for the week: Pre-Term and My sister's wedding


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