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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Best B-School on Earth

I've come to the conclusion that Stanford is the best b-school on earth and here's why. Just my two cents...hater's need not respond.

10. There are five Jamba Juice's within a five mile radius of campus, including one on campus. I could survive off of those things for days.

9. There are tons of great restaurants in the areas that I can't wait to try. Shout out to Fuki Sushi which has had two to three visits from me in the last week.

8. I have a view of Palm trees and mountains from my room.

7. I wake up everyday to bright, clear sunny skies. I don't know about you, but that makes a hell of a difference after taking a three hour exam. I've been waking up at 6:45am every morning and going running. Those people that say that weather doesn't matter are the ones living in the cold. Believe me, I used to be one of them.

5. The university offers golf, tennis, sailing and gymnastics class for less than $100.

4. There are tons of travel destinations including weekend excursions (San Fran, Napa/Sonoma, Lake Tahoe) and quick flights (Vegas, Vancouver, Southern Cal, Hawaii).

3.The Schwab Residential Center is the best thing since slice bread. Free printing, laundry, coffee & tea, on-site technical support, a work out room, tons of study rooms, a grill and 200 of my classmates. (Disclaimer: "free" means not paying for it at the time of use, but you best believe it will show up on the tuition bill).

2. The GSB's size. After being in QPEP with 60 other students, I realize how much effort it was going to take for me to meet 300 other students. The GSB's size is perfect with just enough students for everyone not to know everyone's business, but not too many where you never meet a classmate.

1. The fact that I'm here. Stanford University is a beautiful university with amazing resources, and the GSB has an unbelievable culture that is beyond compare. It can't be described, only experienced.


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